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Plug that Leaky Funnel with Salesforce List Views

Have you ever had a lead you meant to follow-up with, but it slipped between the cracks and ended up in inbox purgatory? This screencast shows you how to create several list views to help sales representatives and managers better manage their lead pipeline. Here are the different lead views shown in this video:

  • Recently Viewed Leads
  • My Unread Leads
  • My New Leads Since Last Week
  • All Open leads
  • All Working leads

This is the third video in our Getting the Most from Salesforce Lightning Experience Series. In case you missed it, the first video in this series shows you how to Get Started with using the Salesforce Lightning Experience and the second video shows how to Use List Views with the Lightning Experience.

Video Transcript

Hi, I’m Eric McClatchy from SmartAcre®. Welcome to the 3rd video in our Getting the Most From Salesforce Lightning Experience Series. I will show you how to use several different lead list views to better manage your sales pipeline.

In order to access the leads, simply go to the menu on the left and click “leads.” When you do that, you’ll by default come to the most recently viewed list view. This list view shows you the most recent leads that you have clicked into the records for and viewed. So, an example would be to click into this record – this would now count as a recently viewed lead. To go back to the lead view, simply go to this icon here to go back to the list of lead views.

Now that you’re familiar with how to access the leads, you can select different lists used by clicking this drop down here. The one I want to show you first, is my unread leads. So these are any leads assigned to you that you haven’t clicked through the record. The way you setup this view is to click this filter here. “Show me my leads” versus “all.” There is a filter here to select “unread by owner” to “true. “This will show you any leads that you haven’t been able to look through the details for yet.

Another useful view would be to look at any leads that have been created within the past week. Go here to “my new leads since last week.” This give me a combination of new, open, working and unqualified leads that were created in the past 7 days.

In order to create this view, go to here, “list views,” and hit new. I’m going to show you the filter setting. Click here. Again I’m going to show you my leads. Under created date, I put “last 7 days.” You could also do whole bunch of different values that are dynamic based on the day that you’re viewing it. So you could choose “last month,” you could choose “this year,” we could even choose “today.” There is a whole list of different values you can choose for date ranges, but that’s how you are able to figure out exactly which ones you want.

The last thing I want to show you are several different list uses that sales managers can use to keep track of their entire sales teams’ pipeline. I’m going to go here to drop down, and I’m going to first go to “all open leads.” So a sales manager should really go here and make sure that all their leads are being responded to in a timely manner. Basically, an “unopened lead” should indicate that they haven’t been contacted yet. So as soon as they’ve been contacted, they should be marked as “open.” They might want to emphasize having their sales team accurately update their lead status.

The other view would be “working leads.” So this could be several different statuses, depending on the organization. But these are ones that your sales team are actively in correspondence with. They have sent emails and talked to them. Again, this is a good view to see exactly what types of activities they are doing. You could even sort by the last activity to see the most recent touch points. The big thing to remember when you go to filters is to “show me all leads.” They will need access to the entire team to be able to view them.

Thanks for watching this screencast. You should now better understand how to use different list views to better manage your leads. Make sure to check out for more helpful blogs and screencasts.

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Eric McClatchy is SmartAcre’s marketing automation and sales enablement expert. He helps SmartAcre’s clients streamline their marketing and sales operations through automation and technology integrations. He has multiple certifications in HubSpot, Pardot, and Salesforce.