Design & Development Guides

How to Build a Lead Generation Website: The Ultimate Guide

Uncover enhancement ideas, get inspiration from creative B2B websites that work, think about interactive lead magnets and the tools you need to capture demand and understand when it is time for a website...

Mi Team Think Sync

February Digital Marketing Think & Sync Recap

Each month, a few members from the SmartAcre team volunteer to present ideas on subject matters they find interesting and worth spreading. These presentations, or what we like to call a Marketing Think...

Marketing & Sales Automation
3 Best HubSpot New Products and Features Released at Inbound15

“Only 8% of companies say that they have a tight alignment between Marketing and Sales.” - Brian Halligan - CEO and Founder at HubSpot The new products and features releases are in conjunction with...


21 Business Life Hacks

Here are 21 business life hacks, tips, tricks, and theories you can apply to your day to get just a little more done, increase your productivity and inject some wellness into your day.

hubspot #inbound15

Top Take Aways from #Inbound15

I left HubSpot’s Inbound15 conference feeling motivated, curious, inspired... and tired. I always like to take a few days after events to decompress and think about what is sticking with me and why....

Marketing Strategy
Video Landing Page Best Practices You Might Not Be Using

Any landing page should be about one thing: converting visitors to leads. One of the most effective tactics to improve your conversion rates is to incorporate video into your landing pages. According...

Marketing & Sales Automation
Is Your HubSpot Instance Fully Integrated? Find out with SmartAcre’s HubSpot Scorecard

Getting the most out of HubSpot starts with ensuring that the marketing automation platform is fully setup with all its great features and tools. The HubSpot Scorecard is a quick checklist of features...

Going to HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 Conference?

Get answers to your #INBOUND15 questions. As HubSpot’s INBOUND 2015 conference is quickly approaching, our excitement here at SmartAcre is building. I have been fortunate enough to attend INBOUND...

Marketing Strategy
How to Use Google Quick Actions in your Email

Through Google's Quick Actions, calls-to-action can now be placed in email subject lines. Calls-to-action are the minimalist buttons commonly seen promoting educational material, or a link to registering...

Design & Development
9 SEO Concepts Web Developers Should Know

Bringing web traffic onto a page is one of the most important things a web developer can do. Check out our overview of SEO concepts, and how you can improve your site with some helpful resources and tips.

Marketing Strategy
Thinking about adding cinemagraphs to your content strategy?

Cinemagraphs are a beautiful and eye-catching marriage between .jpegs and .gif files. These interesting and attention-grabbing images are rapidly expanding throughout digital marketing. Check out these...

connotate google+ page

Demand Generation
Step by Step Guide: How to Merge Google+ Pages

When Google Local / Places / Plus all merged into one with Google My Business, you most likely logged into Google and found that you now owned multiple pages - most likely a Google+ company page with a...

Mi Digitsl Agency SXSW 2015

If you don’t know, now you know: A beginners guide to SXSW

In this brief article I am going to go over a few points that might help the SXSW Interactive newbie get through the days of utter chaos and equal awesomeness. Mind you this is not, nor do I believe there...

SXSW 2015 – Privacy, Gamification & Data Oh My!

First few days of SXSW Interactive are in the books, team SmartAcre g33ks got to meet such a diverse community of people. I say community as SXSW is more of a community than a event. From startups locally...

SmartAcre off to SXSW Interactive 2015

SmartAcre will be at the 22nd annual SXSW Interactive Festival in to Austin, Texas from Friday, March 13 through Tuesday, March 17, 2015. As in year's past SXSW has been an incubator of cutting-edge technologies...

Design & Development
Why Web Typography Matters Pt. 1

As designers, one of our greatest tools is Typography. It is the primary vehicle we use as designers to communicate, inform or educate. If the typography is bad, so will be the design. When it is done...

Marketing & Sales Automation
Landing Page Design Success vs. Failure

The importance of a well-thought and conceptually designed landing page can be the difference between a successful conversion and a failed campaign. This post covers the important design elements that...

First Annual SmartAcre Pumpkin Carving Contest Results

We worked on our creative skills today during SmartAcre's first annual pumpkin carving contest. Check out who won.

Daily SEO Tips

Marketing Strategy
5 Minutes a Day Keeps the Crawl Errors Away – Tips for Daily SEO Upkeep

Is your SEO to-do list overwhelming you? SmartAcre breaks down the essentials with daily tips and tricks to successfully improve your search performance.

Amplify Content

Marketing Strategy
After You Hit Publish – 5 Steps to Amplify Content

You have a great idea written down, polished, and ready to share. Instead of hitting publish and saying voilà, try taking these five steps to amplify your content so your message travels even further.

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