Lead Generation through Online Advertising



AlchemyAPI and SmartAcre worked together to create a successful inbound marketing program that included established personas, useful content, email campaigns, targeted outreach and more.

However, prior to their official transfer of business to IBM, AlchemyAPI needed to accelerate lead and demand generation efforts to attract brand new leads within the same target audience. The goal was not to change the model, but to scale, add velocity, and identify new channels to target the developer and hacker audience. AlchemyAPI worked with SmartAcre to develop a paid advertising plan to accelerate lead generation efforts in a three-month time frame.



Website Visits

Result of paid media placements


New API Sign-Ups

From paid media


New Requests for Demos

From paid media


Webinar Sign-Ups

From paid media


Average Cost Per Lead

From paid media


New Leads

From paid media


  • Quality: Not only target NEW leads, but the RIGHT leads that would ultimately convert to paying customers
  • Timing: Aquire new leads in less than a three-month time span
  • Engagement: Capture contact information to keep leads engaged and involved with the AlchemyAPI community
How We Did It

SmartAcre identified a number of new channels to target the developer community. To make the right selection, SmartAcre analyzed cost per placement, targeted reach, audience demographics, and website domain authority. SmartAcre negotiated prices and contracts for the following placements:

  • Contributed articles
  • Sponsored webinar
  • Paid media buys including banner ads, promoted API listings, weekly newsletter text ads, and sponsored text links


Next, SmartAcre put together a paid media strategy and placement schedule for AlchemyAPI to sign off on. Once approved, SmartAcre managed all communication with each outlet, managed deliverables, created artwork and copy, developed a strategy for lead follow-up, and tracked results.

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