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2020 Holiday Campaign


SmartAcre® Spreads Cheer Aplenty for the Holidays in 2020


Set with the challenge of spreading virtual cheer for our community, clients, and employees alike, the SmartAcre Team knew that the traditional email or card wouldn’t suffice. Dedicated to innovation and an inherent drive to “never settle”, the agency implemented a 2020 Holiday Campaign highlighting several of SmartAcre’s core competencies like video, animation, and Vidyard integration. Demonstrating our commitment to a culture of caring, the Agency was able to deliver over 10,000 personalized videos and emails to our clients and community.

Dave Synder dressed as Santa whistling



Like many other companies affected by the pandemic, SmartAcre’s bicoastal team was functioning on an almost completely remote basis. Through strategic coordination efforts and leveraging both our design and development teams, the Agency was able to feature every SmartAcre throughout the video  (plus some additional SmartAcre pets), cohesively blending recordings with both professional and amateur technology. The video also featured SmartAcre’s audio syncing capabilities, seeing that an actor was used to voice Santa, as well as a Cameo appearance from our friend Garry Gerrgich, Mayor of Pawnee, Indiana. Leveraging our partnership with Vidyard, each video contained personalization tokens, including the recipient’s name, creating a unique user experience for our cherished clients.

SmartAcre Holiday



Put to work like Holiday Elves, our SmartAcre Design Team was able to flex their creativity through the use of animation. Demonstrating their knowledge, finesse, and expertise of the art of animation and After Effects, we were able to include special effects like snow and Santa traveling with his Reindeer over the moon curating a festive experience for viewers.

Landing Page


SmartAcre created a custom landing page for the Holiday Campaign. Dedicated to a Culture of Caring and driven by the spirit of the giving season, the landing page gave visitors the opportunity to donate to charities upon completion of the holiday video, cultivating over 150+ donations. These charities included Central Moravian Church, Food Bank of the Rockies, and Race Forward

Animation was also highlighted on the holiday landing page. With the use of micro-animation and CSS (Cascade Styling), SmartAcre Pets that were featured in the video were cartoonized for a playful and heartwarming visitor greeting.




Keeping the campaign as festive as possible, over 5,000 personalized emails were sent to our SmartAcre clients and community. Complete with an animated header, and gif that gave users a sneak peak into the video, this email aided in the success of the campaign being compatible with both desktop and mobile, with 30% of views coming from mobile devices.




The campaign resulted in 150+ form submissions and over 2,400 unique video views, generating a total of 150+ charitable donations made.